Welcome to McNab Creek Estates. We are selling 1.385 acres of this expansive 88-acre Bare Land Strata property, which has a move-in ready 3-bedroom, 1,100 sq. foot cabin overlooking the ocean. The property features 14 cozy cabins, 2 bare lots, and exclusive cabin dock space. With a $300,000 contingency fund, it offers financial stability. Upgrades include new windows, siding, and granite countertops. Modern amenities like solar panels, Wi-Fi, and a water tank provide a comfortable lifestyle. Fully furnished with 2 ATVs, a generator, and proximity to hiking & hunting grounds, it’s an outdoor enthusiast’s dream.

Situated 25 minutes from Sunset or Lions Bay Marina, this property strikes a balance between tranquillity and accessibility. Ideal for one or two families, it’s perfect as a vacation retreat year-round. With remarkable features and stunning surroundings, this real estate gem offers an exceptional opportunity for a fulfilling lifestyle.


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