Happy October everyone! We hope you have found time to enjoy the fall weather because we know how busy this time of year can get, and that is why we thought it was a good idea for this month’s blog to bring you up-to-date on what is happening here in West Vancouver!


New partnership between the District, British Pacific Properties (BPP) and the North Shore Mountain Bike Association (NSMBA)

They are building a new multi-use trail in the Rodgers Creek area to Marr Creek area of the Upper Lands, which will formalize three existing mountain biking trails. The district and NSMBA will maintain the trails for public recreational use with some financial support from BPP.

Old Forks Trail will be reconstructed with bi-directional hiking and uphill mountain biking trails in 2022. Meat Sweats, Jersey Shore, and Morgies biking trails will be formalized, and the trail maintenance will help keep you safe.

For the next several months, trail users are asked to be cautious and watch for updates on when volunteers are needed for trail-building day.

Saving the Bees and Butterflies

For years we have heard about the importance of pollinators, having been told they are essential to our survival, and you may wonder, “why is that?” The reason? Butterflies support ecosystems through pest control and pollination, and bees are responsible for one out of three bites of food we eat (crazy, right?!).

Knowing this information, it makes sense why people are worried about the various factors compromising their food sources and habitats. Volunteers and the district staff understand how dire the situation is, and so they created a pollinator garden in Ambleside outside the Argyle Village Gardens.

David Suzuki Foundation is leading The Butterflyway Project, aiming to build safe places for the pollinators by planting shrubs, wildflowers, and fallen branches to make a “woodpile bug hotel.” Their main goal is for each community to plant at least a dozen pollinator gardens.

Including North Vancouver, over 400 communities in Canada have joined the project. If you or your community joins, be sure to snap a photo and tag us in it on Instagram!

Finding a Home for Youth Hub
For a long time, West Vancouver has not had a youth hub because the original Ambleside Youth Centre was destroyed by a fire two weeks before demolition was scheduled. Despite alternative spaces being set up, most youths felt those spaces did not provide the same safety and comfort as AYC.

Our youths need to have a safe place to go, and thus, the district is trying to find a new location for the youth hub that will offer various services under one roof. The council has developed two options; establish a new facility in a central location or an existing space with a long-term lease. The community must choose a location before the proposed plan can be created and presented to the council for deliberation.

They are narrowing down the locations and then will present it to the community for feedback, so be sure to look out for that!

Bat Boxes!
Due to the loss of their habitats and other various threats, bat species are at risk in BC. The Community Bat Program of BC has installed five bat boxes in West Vancouver and several smaller ones throughout the district to solve this.
The boxes provide roosting habitats for females to raise their young. It is important to note that each box takes up to two years for a colony to establish.
If you have a bat problem, you should know all bat species are protected by the Wildlife Act in BC. Visit Community Bat Programs of BC to learn how to remove them legally and safely.

We are so lucky to live not only in West Vancouver, but on this gorgeous earth, so let us work together to take care of it because it is all we have; and with these new plans and this incredible community, it is no wonder why people want to live here.

We hope you found this month’s blog informative, and we will chat again in November! You should check out our website for more!



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